Friday, July 19, 2013

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1990's Telescope

Today was another great Friday here at Penn.  For physics class we took a field trip to the Franklin Institute museum where we spent our entire day.  Once there we were allowed to travel through the museum freely without any restrictions.  Today just so happened to be the day where practically every summer camp for kids under the age of thirteen decided to come to the museum as well.  So we spent the day trying to enjoy the exhibits with hundreds of ten year olds' running and screaming around us.  Whenever we had the chance to actually see an interactive exhibit without a frenzy of little kids around it, the machine was almost always broken; presumably by the kids before us.  Every room we went to had at least two broken interactive displays, which made the day very frustrating.  However, we still managed to have fun while exploring the museum.  What I enjoyed most was the large pendulum swing in between the main staircase.  It was amusing to watch its path shift as the day went on, proving that the Earth does indeed rotate.   

Massive Pendulum 
 After our time at the Franklin Institute was over, it was off to the movies where I saw Red 2.  It was a fairly interesting film with a descent balance between action and plot.  It definitely wasn't a in the running for best film of the year but it was still fun to watch. Tomorrow we were supposed to go to a beach in New Jersey for our mandatory Saturday trip but it was canceled due to bad weather.  Thankfully there was a backup plan prepared, so instead we will be going to some mall that’s supposed to be one of the best in the area before we go to Dave and Busters with unlimited arcade token cards.  It may not be the most organized day, but it should suffice. 

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