Saturday, July 27, 2013

Return of the Kai

It is hard to believe that I am home. After spending a month at Penn, home feels different. I certainly missed it. It is wonderful to have a nice bed and a cat. However, I will miss the interesting, intelligent people that I met at Penn. I will miss the wonderful class that has taught me so much. I will not miss the food.

I woke up and relaxed for the morning. I had packed most of my stuff last night, so I had a few hours in the morning to relax. At about 11:00, it was time to leave. I returned my keys. Each step of the way, it struck me that I was leaving. As I packed up, I felt like that was the end. As I walked out the door, I felt like that was the end. I can hardly believe that it has been four weeks. It feels more like one. I loaded up my bags into the shuttle. It was fairly full, but there was enough space. After a long drive, we reached the airport. I bet you can't imagine what happened next: after going through lines and security, we boarded the plane (stunned faces all around. Who would have thought of getting on a plane in the airport?). Between security and the plane, however, was a several hour wait. We were through security by about 12:30, and the plane began boarding around 3:00. 

I felt sad to be leaving. I was looking forward to seeing home, but I already wanted to see the friends I had made. Here at Penn, there is an incredibly high concentration of people that are intelligent and that I would want to be friends with. This really makes me look forward to college. I have no idea how I'll stand to deal with regular school. This has been so amazing.

The flight was long. It was a flight. I sat there. Planes are a remarkable invention, and I am glad that I can sit for hours instead of days. However, I still had to sit for hours. We arrived in Phoenix, Arizona. After a layover of about an hour, we boarded the plane again to California. I saw a bit of lightning from above. I also talked to an electrical engineer about programming. He is also from California. Eventually, I arrived back in the Bay. It was good to see my parents again, but better to see my cat. I am glad that ILC has provided me with this experience.

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