Friday, July 26, 2013

Four Weeks Have Come and Gone

We began class today at 9:00 AM, like usual. Today was different, though. It was our final day and we had no real plan yet. There was a circle of chairs, one for each of us. As we came through the door, Professor Lamas gave us all a fern plant. We were told to write one word or phrase of reflection on the chalk board describing our experiences in this class. The phrase I chose was "life changing." I can honestly say that after this class, I have a new mind set. I know how to think, how to see things and am a little closer to figuring out how to make change.

My friend Grace and I
We did a couple exercises to reflect and answered any unanswered questions we may have never had the chance to ask. We split into groups and discussed some of these questions. My group had a really deep talk about how, even though most of the class comes from a place of privilege and may benefit from capitalism and the unfair advantages this country has, we still care enough to try to improve it for those who may not have the privileges most of the class had. We went back in the circle and talked more. Then we had to start saying our goodbyes. There were a lot of tears shed. I think that out of all the academies here at UPENN, Social Justice became the closest because of the focus on discussion.

Group shot!

After we said goodbye to our professors and TAs and some of the students who have to leave today, we decided to go have one last lunch as a class. We all got food separately and then met again in a grassy area on campus. Our TAs happened to see us and brought over their drums, guitars, and other various instruments. We all stayed there for hours, and when we finally decided we had to go back to the dorms and say goodbye to the commuters in our class, even more crying occurred. I think everyone really respects everyone that took this class and the friendships we made were amazing.

At 6:00 PM there was a camp wide talent show. We had a lot of spoken word, which I have really grown to enjoy lately, songs, and other acts. There are some really talented people here! We have until 1:00 AM to hang out and say our goodbyes. Some people are leaving for the airport as early as 2:00 AM. I'm glad we have until 11:00 AM to pack out. I'll miss this place!!

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  1. Good ending, Hannah. Nice pictures, too. I'm very proud of of you and anxious to see you tonight.