Sunday, July 14, 2013

Skating in the Laundry Room

Sunday is a day of rest - which many of us need - and that means that we get to sleep in! For a majority of us, we like the quiet sleep and relaxing atmosphere. However, for me, it was another day of battle! Not a battle for the fastest time in completing a lab, but a battle for laundry! You wouldn't expect a war in the laundry room, but the "early bird catches the worm". If that quote is said all the time, there'll be too many birds and none of them will be early. However, at the point that all early birds are not early, it is time for natural selection. According to The Selfish Gene, by Richard Dawkins, selfishness is more likely to occur between closely related organisms... As such, I fought against my comrades and I prevailed. Completing my laundry early gave me time to take a nice morning jog. While I jogged, I thought of home, particularly my mom's home cooking. I haven't had good Chinese food for the longest time. I also thought of my family - they had called me yesterday on Skype - and it seems as if they're missing me. I'm also sad because my two-year old cousin came from China two days after I left; I didn't get a chance to see her! I cannot wait to raise him from time-to-time! After the morning job, it was time to go ice-skating. It should be noted that it was going to be my first time. I was prepared to fail, and fail, and fail. I did. 

Don't mind me, I'm just holding the rail.
At first, I scoffed at the silly skaters who wobbled as they entered the ice rink, but then karma-joker decided to slap me for my ignorance. I wore the skates - which were one size bigger than the ideal - and splat, I fell! It wasn't just an ordinary fall, it was a fall that knocked me into realization that I was going to have a difficult day. Wobble, wobble, wobble as I determinedly walked to the "safe zone". I made it and the opposite of what I imagined happened, it was the danger zone. It was worse than nuclear bombs and radiation, it was the ice-cold air that swept past me as I took another fall. I stood up and made it a goal to actually be able to "skate". As the cold glacial surface dulled through the ubiquitous gliding of the skaters, I came to a conclusion... I can't skate. It's not my sport nor my dream, it's just some silly activity that I thought I would be okay at. Jeez, the skating gods must really hate me for my ignorance. On the contrary, I don't think skating is silly nor easy. It's probably harder than trying to balance yourself on a single stick as an avalanche comes down while you're sitting on the tip. I have the highest respects to those who can play ice hockey... I can barely skate, and I know, for a fact, that hockey is a much rougher sport than football. It's literally a coliseum where men thirst for blood and pillage ice to score "goals". Good luck and good job to all titans (hockey players) that dare to challenge the ice. 

I have learned to love pickles...
On other news, Mr. Hillyer invited us out for dinner! It had been weeks since the last time we saw him! I was interested in what he had been doing for the past two weeks since we moved in. He has been vising family and traveling around the East Coast. I'm happy to know that he's having a family-orientated time. Anyways, we went to Bobby's Burger Palace - yes, this is Bobby Flay's restaurant - and he brought along a college friend of his. Because of my inability to remember names, I didn't remember her name. Although, I did learn about her. She's a fundraiser agent; she setups events and activities to gain money for Temple College. Their marching band is famous and successful and so the money that they need is much more than an ordinary marching band. I'm part of a marching band and I have great pride and interest when it comes to talking of them. To be frank, I smiled a bit when I heard of marching band. Anyways, the food there was absolutely killer. I've had many burgers - and I mean MANY - and the flavor of Bobby's is on a whole other level. Seriously, the sauce and the juices of it worked together as if it were magic. The sauce slowly climbs up the tongue while the juices strike at the core. Every bite, you can feel the grilled onions slowly disintegrating in your mouth and the meat mixing in with all the other ingredients as they try to kill you! Whoops, I lost myself while I was thinking about it. 

I tried another writing style for this blog; I tried something new. In order to make a good burger, you must have good ingredients! I'm not sure if this style is better - it might be too much - but I sure as well had a great time writing it. 

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