Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Waiting

Today was the day for our Hersey Park and Interest group presentations in physics.  The presentations lasted for almost the entire day with the Hersey Park presentations in the morning and the interest groups in the afternoon with a guest speaker in between them.  Our Hersey Park group went along fairly smoothly and without any errors in our logic.  However, after the presentation was over I realized that I had put the wrong text in the wrong places on one of our acceleration graphs.  Professor Berner also noticed this mistake and pointed it out after we were finished.  I guess when I was making the slide my mind misinterpreted the graph for an altitude graph, which made me mislabel a point on our graph.  Although it may have not been such a disastrous mistake, it was still a dumb error on my part.  I guess the mistakes go with the learning though, and now I know to have someone else check my data beforehand.

After the Hersey Park presentations were over we had Dr. Kacy Cullen come and talk to us about Traumatic Brain Injuries or TBI.  His presentation was interesting, even if I had known most of the material beforehand.  At least the presentation managed to elaborate a little bit more on the specifics of TBI than I already knew.  The presentation also had a good effect to make me want to avoid any blunt force trauma to the head due to the severe amount of damage that can be delivered in a relatively soft blow.

After lunch was over we began the interest group presentations which took the rest of the day.  While the other groups were busy presenting, I was busy going over our radio telescope PowerPoint to ensure that I didn't make a similar error from the Hersey Park presentation.  After confirming that our presentation was error free, we were finally ready to present.  However, for reasons unknown to me, our group will be presenting tomorrow morning. At least this gives us more time to add any new material to our presentation, but I was looking forward to being done with presentations so that I can relax and enjoy the last few days worry free.  I’m sure that we’ll do fine, but I just can’t stand prolonged anticipation and anxiety that goes along with presentations.

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