Thursday, July 25, 2013

Physics Trough

With the ending of the Experimental Physics Research Academy (Penn Summer Science Academy) approaching, it's hard to feel cheerful. Even with Bill's extraordinary teaching methods, Craig's inspirational background, and Mary's ridiculous yet hilarious lectures, it's hard for them to overshadow the end. Like every life-changing experience, there's always a bitter end that directs the main character to his or her path For me, it's the end of this amazing program. Today's presentations on our special interest groups and Hershey Park analysis made it painfully apparent how much I'm going to miss the class. The topics that everyone was talking about were incredibly interesting, most of it being applicable, and it inspired me to see the level at everyone was researching and doing science at. This will definitely be the catalyst that will push me to study harder not only in science, but in everything else. Knowing the potential of the world, I want to be able to achieve that level of understanding. Also, the presentations were hilarious; many of us tried being funny, and most of us succeeding, resulting in a joyful atmosphere alongside the educational aspect. Everyone was laughing, especially since some of us were competing for the "worst ride in Hershey Park Award". I thought we had the worst ride, but after seeing some of the presentations of the rides, I feel bad for those who had to ride Wild Mouse (and some other ride I forgot the name of). At the end, Bill really summed up the program and gave us some motivational remarks. I'm going to miss everyone...

Left: Elliot Right: Leo
After class, I hung out with Elliot and Leo. They're two of my best friends in the physics class and I absolutely love talking with them. Leo is hilarious with his remarks, and Elliot is just interesting to listen to. We mostly talked about our aspirations and dreams for the future - Leo wants to be an astrophysicist, Elliot wants to be an electrical engineer, and I want to be a biophysicist. We're all different, but I feel connected to them in a odd, yet fulfilling manner. We made a joke: "We should make a company that launches nano-bio detectors to space - starting with the LeoLin Zhou Company!" I felt so content and happy talking to them like I was a kid shooting for the stars. We consulted Bill after class and he gave us a huge talk on the potential of molecular biology and with his phenomenal skills in talking in tangeants, he interested the three of us for half an hour.

Later today, I had dinner with the "Asian Mafia". Apparently, the RCs call us that because we're all Asian (mostly Chinese and two Indians) and it's in allusion to a movie. Anyways, it was our last dinner as a group. I first expected it to be bitter, but it was surprisingly happy; it was like an ordinary day. We all talked like usual and had our funny moments. It was nice to treat it like a regular day, it made it a lot easier to deepen our friendship. It'll be hard to say good-bye to everyone, especially since our friendships have strengthened deeply in this one month...

Even later today, I had a hangout with my physics friends, with Leo, Elliot, Jessica, and one bio-medical person, Karisma. We talked about physics, for the most part, and we talked about our thoughts on issues: domestic, economic, and political. Nice end to a great day.

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