Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Day two of feminism was just as fascinating as day one. I found out that although the Women's Center that Dr. Paxton works with also provides care for men. They help men in the same way as they do victimized women. I thought that was a good and progressive thing to do.

We started the class with a general discussion and overview of feminism and then watched a documentary called "Dreamworlds 3: Desire, Sex and Power in Music Videos." This film used music videos to address territory we are visually familiar with. It interrupted the process of normalization regarding objectifying women. None of the sexist and degrading material in these videos was accidental; it was all artistic decisions made by both male and female directors. Many examples of popular music videos were shown to us in a way that made the objectification so obvious we were all astounded. In our discussion, we addressed the issue that we only notice how much pop culture affects our youth when very young children start saying vulgar things or dancing like the women in these videos do. But why is okay and normal for a grown woman to do these things? A lot of times, it is even expected of them.

After the documentary, we had a guest speaker come to talk to us about abortion and what it has to do with social justice. We watched a video about it, which highlighted the controversy. After a lot of thought, I still believe in what I've always believed. I think that forcing someone to have a child against their will is unlawful. Even if it was made illegal, it has been shown that the amount of abortions stay the same. Therefore, women will have to get illegal abortions which will cause them a lot more harm. We went over a lot of statistics which were fascinating and sometimes surprising. 

After class, I went for a swim with a group of friends and then hung out around town. We checked out a place Dr. Paxton recommended to us and it was pretty good. Then, we went back to the dorm and watched a documentary and read some of our readings out loud to each other. I am really loving how enthusiastic everyone is from Social Justice! I think we have a special bond that some of the other classes are lacking. Again, I really enjoyed today!

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  1. Abortion has always been a delemma for me. On one hand I abhor extinguishing an innocent life. However, bringing an unwanted child into the world may bring a miserable life to the child and mother. I am glad I never had to make such a decision, especially when I think of you.