Sunday, July 14, 2013

Frozen in Time

Today, I went ice skating for the first time! A group of people from Summer Discovery and I went to South Jersey and skated at the ice skating rink that is the home of the Philadelphia Flyers. At first I was excited, but Hannah kept telling me horror stories which made me nervous. By the time we got on the ice, I was glued to the wall. Being on ice felt very unnatural and for a while, and I could't move away from the wall. When all of my friends saw this they took me off the wall and held me while they skated. I was really scared and I thought I was going to fall. When my friends became tired of dragging me around the rink, they dropped me off at the wall again. I skated holding the wall for a while, but then I started watching everyone else to see how they were skating. I saw that some people were skating as if they were walking, and they were all bending their bodies in an almost 90 degree angle. I began to copy their positions and soon enough I was skating! Once I learned and became comfortable, it was really fun. I enjoyed it so much that when we got off the ice, I wanted to go back on. I enjoyed myself so much and I made new friends that I had not talked to before. And I did not fall down once!

At 3:00 PM, we got back to campus and a group of us went to have lunch at Qdoba, which is a Mexican place. The food was good, but it was similar to Chipotle so it wasn't exactly a new experience. Afterwards, we all hung out and talked about our lives. It was interesting hearing everyone's backgrounds and where they are from. Then Jun, Mike, Hannah, and I all met Mr. Hillyer on campus and he took us to Bobby's Burger Palace, which is a famous burger restaurant that was created by Iron Chef Bobby Flay. The burgers were good, and so was the Coffee milkshake that I ordered. I was very full afterwards because I had eaten Mexican food beforehand, but I really enjoyed myself.

Today was a fun day, and I liked having a day to just hang out with my friends. I am now going to continue reading my readings for class and try to head off to bed early.

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