Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Love in a Way That Doesn't Make Sense

I write this blog on the verge of tears, just experiencing a emotional dinner with the Social Justice class and the last RC meeting of the trip. I know that Friday night is going to be a tough one for all of us. Today we started the day off with two guest speakers, John Gilmore and Charlie Howard. The first one showed us a PowerPoint he made about religion and spirituality and how it relates to social justice. The other one did not prepare a PowerPoint but he did make some powerful points, as said by himself. They both taught us and lead good discussions about religion, but the most powerful part for the majority of the class was the section on love. They told us that love should not make sense and to love madly. They also said that there should be some self sacrifice involved in love.
Hanging out and bonding as a class

After lunch, we had a free period. We all bonded and played games, watched some spoken word on YouTube and drew pictures of each other. Around 4:00 PM, those who wanted to left to go to a musical theater performance. Professor Nairn is a part of a group called the Bearded Ladies Troupe which put on a special performance for us tonight. It was set at a gay sader and described the lives and struggles of those in the gay community. Being a musical theater lover, I thoroughly enjoyed myself! It was a great little show with a lot of audience participation, creativity and energy. It was really fun! After the show they had a short question and answer section. The whole way home, my friend Ali and I were singing show tunes!
The set for "A Dinner with Dito"

We all went to dinner at a pizza place called Pizza Rustica. It was really good food. We all were sitting together and it suddenly hit a lot of us how short the rest of our time here is. People started getting really sad. We had a whole Summer Discovery meeting about the next couple days and then split into RC groups to go over details and complete a survey. Filling out an end of the summer survey was even more proof that we have such little time left. 

I'm feeling very emotional about having to leave so soon. I want to make the next two days really count. Tomorrow will be our last full day of Social Justice!!

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