Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ice Skates and Burgers

Today was a free day and we had a couple options for fun activities. At first I had chosen to go shopping at the second biggest mall in America but I later decided to switch to ice skating because I had been shopping in New York, DC and Philadelphia already. I met with the ice skating group at 11:45 PM and we took a yellow school bus to South Jersey  Ice Rink, which is the home of the Flyers, a hockey team. 

I have ice skated a lot in my childhood, so I was able to remember how to do it pretty well. About half of the group was good at skating and the other half it was their first time. I helped my friends who didn't know how, such as Audrey and Jun, but also raced and skated around with those who could do it well. 

We finished skating around 2:45 PM and headed back to campus. Audrey, Ali and I went out to lunch at a Mexican restaurant called Qdoba. It was pretty good! We then got ice cream at Ben and Jerry's and ate it in a park. We talked about class and other things. 
Around 7:00 PM we went to Bobby Flay's famous burger place with Mr. Hillyer. I got an LA burger because I wanted one with avacado. I also got a mango milkshake which was amazing. Overall, today was a good day to rest. I now need to go do some reading for class tomorrow!


  1. Good choice! Exercise over consumerism is always best. You write a lot about food:-)