Sunday, July 21, 2013

Crepes, Code, Contentment

I slept in today. If you ever come across a locked room at Penn, chances are there is a student taking a nap inside of it. The first order of business for they day was to go on the RC outing. Each RC group gets to go somewhere of their choice once, with a budget of $12 per person. Our group went to a sandwich shop. This shop was located in the middle of a building full of other small food shops. This was fortunate, as the sandwich place had no vegetarian options. Instead, I, along with one other person, went to a creperie. I had a delicious crepe. We were about to leave when some other people decided crepes sounded good. After they got crepes one person decided to get a smoothie. As soon as one person finished getting something more to eat, another would take their place. I was not immune; I ended up purchasing a baguette. Eventually, however, we were able to leave. We took Septa back. BART may not be as extensive as Septa. However, BART stations smell a whole lot better.

After we got back, I did my laundry. Then I coded. (♫ Ninety-nine elusive bugs in the code, ninety-nine elusive bugs. Take one down, patch it around, one-hundred-twenty-three elusive bugs in the code ♫). I can get quite a number of hashes. After each bug I squashed, the hash would change. Unfortunately, it never changed to a proper SHA1 hash. C# does have a ton of built in features to make the task easier, but I have opted not to use very many of them. They have a complete SHA1 hasher. Using it would take away the whole point of the project. C# also has several other tools which would be useful, such as the xor comparison or left bit rotation. Again, I am more interested in learning the theory behind the hasher than actually making a functioning hasher. If I just use the built in tools, I will have very little idea what they actually do. The bugs could probably be prevented if I use those tools. However, the fact that I have bugs means that I am doing something wrong. In future projects, I will certainly use them, but right now I will just learn.

I had dinner, then returned to my dorm. I worked a bit on the Hersheypark presentation, then I returned to code. I've probably spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours coding during my life. I could easily spend a thousand more. It was a nice Sunday: relaxing but still full.

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